Cardiff University (Welsh School of Architecture)
Tutor: Zoe Berman
Spring 2016
This was a three week studio based in Staveley, Cumbria. The outcome of the studio was to create a series of interventions in our respective groups which responded to the environment within the landscape. The studio involved hand-drawn analysis and interpretation of particular features of the site. A major focus of the whole project was ‘jointing’ and different ways in which the natural and the intervened come together to become a whole. Our group focused on the connection between an old tree in which its roots connected through the ground exposing itself when encountering the stream.
Click the link below to see the Rural Works Booklet put together by Emily Dawson and William Quaile of the studio unit.
Collage of the group intervention using foil, card and tracing paper

Photoshop collage over the group intervention

Collage of the group intervention using foil, acetate, timber, string and glass

Landscape Workshop Location in Staveley

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