Cardiff University (Welsh School of Architecture)
Tutors: Michael Corr / Tom Keeley
Semester 1, 2017-2018
This studio was based on the term ‘Constructive Ambiguity’, generally accredited to Henry Kissinger, in order to deliberately use ambiguity to advance a [political] purpose. The studio, located between two border towns - Lifford and Strabane - of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, respectively, aims to intervene delicately; addressing a problem or incentive in a sensitive way whilst bearing in mind current affairs which concern the area (the vote for Great Britain to leave the European Union). The studio focused on the importance of place and understanding of the client involved in the intervention proposed.​​​​​​​

Lasercut "duty-free" stamps

Following our site visit, we were briefed to create a Duty Free Product and a pamphlet signifying a critical element of our design interest which in turn informed our site selection. I was drawn to the site ‘Camels Hump’ which also happened to be the site of the ex-customs post during the times of the Hard Border. I took this concept of ‘customs’ further and created an ID Passbook outlining everyday ‘customs’ that take place through this site as well as stamps as an act of customs such as those at an immigration post to express my interpretation of the word in the widest sense. The stamps are based on silhouettes taken at different points of the site as well as some of the characteristics of both Lifford and Strabane.​​​​​​​
Through research, I found out that the site ‘Camels Hump’ was the relocation of a nearby traveller halting site due to the official site being insufficiently serviced to accommodate anyone. Further research gave me insight on traveller lifestyle and sedentarism (the racism imposed upon travellers from the settled community).

Site model

Site Elevation

Stencil map of River Foyle between Lifford (ROI) and Strabane (NI)

Camal's Hump Site; Strabane, NI

Initial Concept Collage

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