Cardiff University (Welsh School of Architecture)
Tutor: Edmund Green
Semester 1, 2016-2017
This studio had an emphasis on the act of ‘assembling’ or construction. For the first semester housing project, my project aimed on bringing together the ‘old Barry’ and the ‘new Barry’ by reconnecting the old High Street and the ‘new one’ (Holton Road). This is turn represented the upcoming youth of Barry and the original settlers, majority of which are now retired. Between these two groups of people is where the housing crisis of Barry lies.

Section facing North-West

Section facing South-East

This project uses the WikiHouse construction method to build residential units (adaptable to the user) and public mix-used amenities on the lower level that create a route that link the old and the new high streets together.

Sample internal layouts of residential units

Contextual technical section through higher level Wikihouse unit and lower level cafe

Lower level plan

Upper level residential units plan

Barry Memorial Hall Site
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