SCMS School of Architecture
Designing For Health And Well-Being
July 2020
Following my final year of architecture school (MArch II), I have had the opportunity to talk about my thesis research to the students and audience of SCMS School of Architercture in Cochin about designing for health and well-being alongside my former tutor, Dr Shibu Raman. During this webinar, I spoke about some of my research related to Kochi including the effects of rapid, unplanned urbanisation and the consequences it has on peoples’ health. In addition, I spoke about my proposition for Kochi’s urban strategy including means to access and grow healthier foods in the urban environment as well as increase physical activity passively by way of increasing pedestrian and cyclable infrastructure as well as farming; both with an aim to improving health, physically and mentally, and well-being.
Please see a full recording of the webinar below.
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