Cardiff University (Welsh School of Architecture)
Tutor: Chris Wilkins
Semester 2, 2016-2017
In this second year project, I had designed a school based on giving back to and appreciating the community through growth and agriculture; both physically and educationally. Located on Maslin Park in Barry, the school incorporates growing space and greenery throughout the scheme to maximise growth of natural produce. In the scheme, green roofs, conservatories, growing sills and allotments allow for the extensive variety of crops to be grown throughout the years that can be used to feed the school as well as the local community. The concept works on strengthening the community and thus the community are the ‘roots’ upon which the children - or the ‘seeds’ - learn from and grow. The movement and interaction between the community and the school as well as the feasibility to maximise growing were the key factors in the design.
Click the link below to see a PDF version of the technical report for this project.

School Axonometric Drawing

School elevation

Roof plan and "quilt" concept

Initial concept sections

Classroom concept model-based render

Classroom elevation

Lower level plan

Upper level plan

Key concept section

Initial concept sketch "view from train"

Concept image

Maslin Park Site, Barry

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